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13 Queries for Halloween

1 - c - An easy one to get started.
2 - d -The Peanuts comic strip looks at faith and patience.
3 - a - A 1962 novelty song inspired by earlier hits Alley Oop and The Mashed Potato, and Pickett's success doing Boris Karloff imitations in nightclubs.
4 - b - The barrier between the living and the dead was thought to be most permeable on Halloween.
5 - c - ‘Flying' squirrels really just glide; only bats fly.
6 - a - You would be in Australia (or England, Scotland, or Ireland).
7 - b - Never take a shower with Alfred Hitchcock.
8 - d - Halloween celebrations were briefly popular in France between 1995 and 2002.
9 - b- In the form of candles in hollowed-out gourds carried as lanterns by "Jacks" (that is, the common folk).
10 - a - This 1980 movie is considered by many to be the scariest spook film ever made.
11 - d - "Were" or "wer" is Old English for the human male.
12 - c - The daughter of actors Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis first appeared on TV in a Columbo episode in 1975, three years before her movie debut.
13 - b - Liszt wrote the Halloween favorite Mephisto Waltz, Puccini penned Witch's Sabbath, and Webber composed the music to Phantom of the Opera.