"The IRS exempts approved churches from paying taxes. The income of church-owned operations — from bakeries, parking lots, hotels, farms, and so on — is over $150 billion annually (that’s way more than the budget of the entire state of California)"
— M. Klein, Ph.D.
America's War on Sex


Although Rational Spiritism is devoted to shining the light of reason and truth on the myths and false creeds that permeate religions today, we recognize the many benefits of the churches. The following are seven functions of the typical church that can be of value in peoples’ lives.

  1. Celebration: A system for marking and enjoying seasonal and historical days and times (Christmas/Solstice, Chanukah, Samhain, etc.).

  2.  Ceremony: A system for marking and validating significant times in members' lives (births, adulthood, weddings, and such).

  3. Charity: A mechanism that allows for good works on a larger scale than can be done by individuals acting alone.

  4. Communications: A means to influence society via media normally beyond the reach of individuals.

  5. Community: A social unit where one can make friends, feel a part of something larger, share with and support one another.

  6.  Consolation: A process and venue for providing solace and hope in troubled times.

  7. Communion: An environment that encourages and enables a closer relationship to spirit.

The Challenge

The challenge is: How to enjoy these benefits of church membership without becoming entangled in the seductive myths and repressive mumbo-jumbo of organized religion?

The major religions are very powerful politically and extremely wealthy, not only in money but in real estate and infrastructure. Although church membership has been shrinking of late, religion’s grasp over our government, businesses, and institutions has strengthened. Standing on the outside shouting criticisms is a waste of time and energy. Appealing to the judiciary occasionally brings small victories but does nothing to alter the behemoths from their repressive course. Ignoring their quest for world dominion is not an option, unless we think our great-grandchildren will enjoy living in a theocracy. Our only realistic (barely) course of action is to infiltrate these institutions and utilize their power to promote a world view based on both reason and spirit.

We need people who are willing to ignore the mesmerising creeds and dogmas. People who can work their way into positions of authority and subtly reform a church’s governing apparatus. People who can insert reason and facts into Sunday school classes and Bible studies. People who can counsel youth on both the benefits of church membership and the dark side of religious history. These infiltrators shall enjoy the benefits of the seven Cs, while gaining the satisfaction of knowing that they are helping to ensure freedom of thought for future generations. The trick will be to do this without compromising one's personal integrity.

This viral approach will be decentralized, uncontrolled by any single organization, yet encouraged by several — Rational Spiritism being one.

Let’s work together to employ the wealth, infrastructure, and influence of the churches in protecting our freedoms and teaching truth, instead of supporting oppression and spreading lies.