"Ignorance is king.
Many would not profit by his abdication. Many enrich themselves by means of his dark monarchy. They are his Court, and in his name they defraud and govern, enrich themselves and perpetuate their power."
— Walter M. Miller, Jr.,
A Canticle for Leibowitz

No Belief

Rational Spirits declare and affirm that:

God Parts

1. Underlying and supporting all realms of experience is a conscious matrix of unimaginable scope and power. This matrix, typically referred to as “God,” possesses awareness and intention. Beyond that, its characteristics and actions defy human comprehension.

2. As discrete nodes in the overall matrix, our human spirits are parts of God – albeit relatively tiny parts. Each of us was created by this conscious matrix as a way to experience itself. So, in the vernacular, each of us is one of God’s ways of knowing Himself.

3. Human beings consist of body, mind, and spirit. The spirit is the individualized part of the matrix, separate from it but linked to it. The mind is the retainer of memory, the analyzer, and the decision maker. The body is the mechanism that allows the mind to interact with the material world.

4. The influence of the spirit upon the mind is known as one’s “conscience.” This influence will always be in the direction of kindness, integrity, tolerance, forgiveness, and joy. Other than urgings via one's conscience, we assume that god does not dictate, god does not mandate, god does not want, god does not speak to or through anyone — never has, never will.

Equal Spirits

5. The mind and spirit portions do not die with the physical body but live on as a resident of realms that are normally undetectable using bodily senses.

6. Loving communications between residents of the material and non-material realms are difficult and rare, but can be educational, inspirational, and beneficial to all concerned.

7. All spirits are of equal value to the matrix; although the characteristics and capabilities of the minds and bodies they currently control can vary widely.

8. All people have equal rights, regardless of physical characteristics or lifestyle preferences. These rights include thinking, communicating, and acting in any way not intentionally and unnecessarily causing harm to other people.

Sin & Liberation

9. Intentionally and unnecessarily causing harm to another human weakens the link between a node and the matrix; that is, separates us from God. This is known as “sin.” Humans are born free of sin, although some may feel the need to atone for mistakes made in a previous life.

10. There is no Prince of Darkness, although there are many lost souls who may wish to influence us in negative ways. Evil is simply ignorance or the refusal of the mind to follow its conscience. Hells are self-generated and temporary.

11. Due at least in part to the animal nature of the bodies human spirits inhabit, every human feels some desire to control other humans. The means of exerting such control vary from simple brute force to pressuring group conformity to instilling shame and guilt. Most organized religions are structures designed to maintain such control, to the enrichment of their bureaucracies and the subjugation of their followers.

12. The ends never justify the means. Any and all acts that violate conscience cannot be balanced or compensated for by claiming a higher purpose.

Playful Spirits

13. The material realm and our physical bodies are manifestations of the Conscious Matrix of no less importance than any other realm. This world is God’s playground; all spirits should be joyful playing within it.